How to create a dog paw print

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Dog paw prints can be used for a lot of arts and crafts projects and are especially good for those who are dog lovers. In this article, we will explain how to create a dog paw print.

Making prints without a dog

You do not need a dog to be able to make dog paw prints. You can make a good paw print stencil. These are best if you want to use the print continuously, say for a room border or large banner.

How to do?

Using cardboard, an old cereal box perhaps, mark out your dog paw print in pencil. If you are not sure exactly how it goes, look at clip art or paw print images on the Internet. You can download pictures of paw prints and print these off to use as a template. Stick them onto your card or draw on your paw print. Cut out carefully and you are ready to go. You might have to make several stencils if you are using paint so have plenty of cardboard at the ready.

Another way of making a dog paw print is to make a rubber stamp. You can source rubber foam shapes in all different colours at your local arts and crafts shops. Find a small block of wood and cut out your foam shape to resemble a paw print. Stick onto the wood with strong glue and you will have a strong paw print stamper which lasts. You can also make cat paw prints in this way.

Making prints with your dog

If you do have a dog and they are happy to be involved, you can make a dogs paw print with non toxic, water based children’s paint. Have your paper ready and a bowl to wash off the paint immediately after you have made the print. Paint just a little on the pads of their paws and walk them across the paper.

An easier way is to gently press their paw into soft clay for an immediate imprint or into Plasticine which you can then fill with plaster of Paris for a plaster cast. Plaster can also be used if they have left dog footprints in the earth outside. Use cardboard to surround the print and contain the plaster. Then pour in your mixture and allow it to set. Plaster paw prints are great keepsakes which will last for years to come.

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